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Andrea S

A fashion lover with roots in the beautiful forests of Sweden browsing the planet for creative inspiration. My senses are stimulated equally by the glorious mountains of Switzerland (currently my home) as the winding canals in Amsterdam (former hometown). My job is in digital marketing; my heart is in the world. Wherever I go, I study people and style, read books or look up at the sky. Find me on www.andreabysweden.com

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The 5 top fashion mistakes to avoid when traveling
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When planning for your travels, it can be a challenge to decide what to pack. Questions like what do...

Give a gift that lasts for life
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As children grow up (this also applies to grown-up children), finding a gift that keeps the sparkle ...

Fall in love with fall
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Red, orange, and yellow leaves. Clear blue skies. Fashion weeks, book releases, and art exhibitions....