Teacher Training Course

Keep your classroom techniques, ideas and methods up-to-date. Our Teacher Training Courses abroad increase your confidence in the classroom and introduce you to ideas and concepts that provide practical help for everyday teaching. Teacher Training Courses are available for qualified English, Spanish, German or French language teachers.

  • Level

    Minimum B2 language requirement

  • Length

    From 1 to 4 weeks

  • Start date

    Start dates vary depending on the destination and length chosen, ask one of our course advisors


The course provides the opportunity to explore and discuss current classroom methodology and to analyze up-to-date teaching ideas. The emphasis will be on practical suggestions and student motivation, which will help improve teaching techniques back in the classroom. You'll compare teaching styles and practices in a variety of countries, and contrast the wide differences of approach found throughout your profession internationally.

Course content

The following is often covered, but will vary based on the course’s length:

  • Cultural literacy

    Participants have a choice of lectures dealing with specific cultural aspects of the host country (e.g. education, slang, cultural know-how).
  • Classroom Management

    In this lessons we discuss how to plan lessons with maximum variety and interest, how to group learners, how to correct errors, how to give directions and check concepts, how to give feedback and how to transition between activities.
  • Teaching through media

    Participants will enjoy learning about new approaches to learning through music, video, the internet and other media.
  • Pronunciation

    Pronunciation is dealt with in terms of the basics of phonetics and phonology as well as practical activities. Participants will learn useful techniques to teach students individual sounds as well as how they go together and form patterns of rhythm and intonation.
  • Grammar

    We deal with grammar in terms of presentation and practice. Participants learn how to make grammar interesting and communicative.
  • Lexis

    Lexis, i.e, vocabulary, phrases and idioms is dealt with in several lessons during which we also deal with collocations, i.e, how words work together.
  • Task-based learning (TBL)

    Task-based learning is one of the cornerstones of communicative language teaching and the subject of several lessons, in which participants learn how to turn any activity into a three-stage task-based activity, with a tangible result.
  • Methods and approaches

    In this fast-paced lesson, we provide an entire overview of language teaching methods and approaches, from traditional grammar-translations to contemporary communicative language teaching (CLT)
  • Observations and peer teaching

    Trainees will partake in peer teaching sessions, during with they teach and critique their peers under the supervision of their trainers.

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