Want to become a certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language? As an accredited administrator of Cambridge University's CELTA and Trinity College's CertTESOL certifications, EF's English Language Teaching (ELT) courses prepare teachers with the essential qualifications to begin working in a variety of schools and universities around the world, including on EF's very own campuses.

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    4 weeks

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Which ELT certification is right for me?

Whether you choose EF's CELTA or CertTESOL programs, you can rest assured that your certification will be recognized and accepted by a majority of English language schools around the world. For those just getting started as ELT educators, CertTESOL is considered by the British Council to be an acceptable introductory TEFL teaching qualification. In contrast, the CELTA course gives you the essential skills and knowledge you need to teach English to adults and older teenagers.

General course content

These are the main topics covered by EF's CELTA and CertTESOL programs. Other topics may apply.

  • Teaching skills

    • Tutors' evaluation of six hours of teaching with real learners
    • A journal including trainees' own lesson plans, with self- and tutor-evaluation
    • A journal covering trainees' reflective comments following observation of four hours of ESOL teaching by experienced teachers
  • Language awareness including grammar and phonology

    • A test or practical project
    • Ongoing use of spoken and written English
  • Learner profile

    • The preparation of a simple linguistic profile and needs analysis, including some basic phonemic transcription, of a single learner
    • The planning of, and reflection on, a one-to-one lesson
    • The preparation of recommendations for the learner' future language development
  • Materials assignment

    • Written rationale for the development of one piece of teaching material
    • Written evaluation of use of this in classroom teaching
    • Interview with a Trinity moderator to discuss the above and the ways in which materials development is beneficial to the development of teaching skills
  • Unknown language

    • A journal covering trainees' reflective comments on four hours tuition in an unknown language from the point of view of the beginner, including an analysis of the key aspects of methods and classroom management that affect the learner positively and negatively

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