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La misión de EF es abrir el mundo a través de la educación. Desde 1965, nuestros programas educativos han ayudado a mas de 15 millones de personas de todas las edades y nacionalidades a convertirse en ciudadanos del mundo. Hoy, operamos 540 escuelas y oficinas en 54 países y tenemos una red de 46.500 teachers y staff que aspiran a proveer una experiencia educacional de la mas alta calidad.

El líder mundial en educación internacional

EF has developed its own innovative teaching method, EF EFEKTA Learning System, based on rapid progress through personalized study. EF ensures that students advance one language level every six weeks thanks to our mix of classroom lessons, interactive tools, and cultural immersions. Our high standards for education are recognized globally with accreditations from organizations including the British Council, EAQUALS and ACCET.

Nuestra red de investigación

EF collaborates with top universities to fundamentally improve the way students learn languages. Scholars in our network explore advances in linguistics, teaching, technology, test-taking, and cultural immersion. Together, we are steadfast in the pursuit of innovation that will shape the future of language learning.

Members of the EF Research Network include:

·       University of Cambridge

·       Peking University

·       Harvard University

·       University of Tokyo

·       EF Learning Labs

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EF y las Olimpiadas

EF was named the Official Provider of Education Services for the Winter Olympics in Pieonchang 2018. This appointment marked the fifth time that EF has participated in the Olympics following the games in Seoul, Beijing, Sochi and Rio de Janeiro. EF helped Pieonchang welcome more than 200,000 students and teachers in South Korea to the world through our winter games curriculum. EF has also been named the Official Language Training Provider at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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"Both organizations are trying to break down cultural barriers, and through my work with EF, I have seen just how powerful learning a language and sport are bringing people together."

DeeDee Trotter

EF Olympic Ambassador and 3 x Olympian