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English level test

This short English test estimates your level from beginner to advanced. It is not an English grammar test, but instead an evaluation of your real-world English skills. Your results will be instant.

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Understanding your English level

Taking an English test can be a helpful way to measure your English level, but the most important question is what you can do with your English. Is your English good enough for travel? Could you study abroad? What parts of your job would be most challenging in English? These questions go beyond the scope of a short English test; our advisors can arrange a more complete evaluation of your English skills if you need one.

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English tests are designed to check your English level. If you are just looking for a general idea of your level, an online English quiz is a good option. If you want a more accurate assessment, you can take a paid English test like TOEFL or IELTS, a free online test like the EF SET, or you can arrange an in-person interview with a qualified English teacher.

Most people are familiar with the English levels beginner, intermediate and advanced. On the CEFR scale, these levels map roughly to A, B and C. At a beginner English level, you can talk to people about familiar, everyday topics. A beginner level is sufficient to travel abroad. At an intermediate English level, you can talk about more complex topics and justify different points of view. Many jobs require an intermediate level of English. At an advanced level, you can do almost anything in English comfortably and with confidence.

The best English test is the one that suits your needs most closely. If you are applying to a specific university abroad, the best English test for you will be the one that they accept, usually TOEFL or IELTS, but sometimes other exams that may be cheaper or more accessible to you. If you want to showcase your English skills on your CV, a free English certificate like the EF SET Certificate is probably the best English test for you.

English tests are useful to put a number on your English level, but they don't tell the whole story. The most important measure of your English level is whether or not you can do what you want to do in English. Finding opportunities to use your English and, where possible, to get feedback on it is a good way of measuring your progress over time. If you're struggling to meet your goals, regardless of your English test results, it's probably time to invest some time and energy into improving your English.