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Accelerated College Degree Program
Accelerated College Degree Program

Accelerated College Degree Program

Earn a US high school diploma and an associate’s degree through an intensive program of language and academic study that starts at EF Seattle.
32 Lessons / week
(40 minutes each lesson)

English requirement 

  • 11-month program: IELTS 4.0, TOEFL 343 PBT/19 iBT, UPiBT 33 or EF SET 41 
  • 9-month program: IELTS 4.5, TOEFL 410 PBT/34 iBT, UPiBT 39, or EF SET 46 
  • 6-month program: IELTS 5.0, TOEFL 510/62 iBT, UPiBT 45 or EF SET 51
  • Program duration
    6, 9 or 11 months (first phase) followed by two years of study at one of EF’s three partner colleges.

Program overview 

The EF Accelerated College Degree Program provides students who have not yet graduated from high school with the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree in the United States. The program is divided into two phases: The first phase of study takes place at EF Seattle where you’ll strengthen and reinforce your English fluency and academic writing skills. Phase two involves two years of academic study where you’ll earn your high school diploma and associate’s degree at a partner university. You’ll graduate at least one year earlier than your classmates back home – saving you time and money. After completion of your associate’s degree, you may choose to continue your university education by transferring your university credits towards the completion of a full bachelor’s degree.

Living on a US campus 

While enrolled in the second phase of the EF Accelerated College Degree Program, you’ll be living and learning alongside American students as you gain further English fluency and earn your associate’s degree. You’ll choose between studying on the campuses of Green River College, Seattle Central College, Pierce College, or Bellevue College, all of which are located in Washington State. You’ll work closely with your University Pathway Manager to determine your academic discipline and how best to apply your academic credentials.

Guaranteed placement 

The program guarantees you successful entry to a college degree program through our trusted partnerships with accredited institutions of higher learning where you’ll graduate with the academic qualifications you need to succeed. 


Phase one: EF Seattle 

Phase two: One of our partner colleges – choose from Green River College, Seattle Central College and Pierce College in the US.

EF Learning Guarantee
EF's Learning Guarantee
We are so confident that our method will help you make maximum progress, that we guarantee it. Attend all of your classes, do all the assignments, and you’ll advance one course level every six weeks – otherwise, you'll study for free until you do.