EF Reviews: United Kingdom

EF Reviews: United Kingdom
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Looking for an English school in the UK?

The United Kingdom, a land of storied history, cultural diversity, and modern elegance, attracts students from around the globe who want to elevate their proficiency in the English language.

If you're considering taking an English course with EF in the UK, you're embarking on an exciting educational adventure. It's natural to have questions about where to begin or which program suits you best. To assist you in this exciting journey, we invite you to explore our collection of reviews and stories from students who have already explored the UK with EF. Their reviews, testimonials, and experiences can serve as valuable guidance as you plan your own language learning journey.

Thinking of traveling to the UK with EF?

Here's why you should choose EF for your English course in the UK.

World leader in international education

State-of-the-arc schools in 8 UK cities

60 years of experience in teaching English

All-inclusive package including a language course, accommodation and meals

24/7 support, from the pre-booking stage until after you return home

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