English immersion course in Vancouver

English immersion course in Vancouver
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Make a commitment to improving your English on an immersion course in Vancouver. Our full-time programs include both general and specialized instruction so you can focus on the areas you struggle with most. You’ll remember your immersion course in Vancouver for many years to come.

English immersion course in Vancouver

English immersion course in Vancouver

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EF English Courses in Canada

EF English Courses in Canada

16 + years
2-52 weeks
in Canada
Learn English in Canada. We offer courses for all levels – results guaranteed! Start any Monday, year-round.
Destination: Canada
City: Vancouver

Immersion course in Vancouver

On an immersion course in Vancouver, you're getting a two for one deal: lots of new contacts and a great educational experience at the same time. Our courses are flexible and wide-ranging, so you're sure to find something that suits your goals and availability, whether you end up studying for two weeks or a whole year. Whichever immersion course in Vancouver you enrol in, all offer the same high quality tuition using the latest technology and innovative teaching methods, to make classes fun. The emphasis is on communication right from the start, so you can function more effectively day to day living in Canada.

Learning English the fun way

With plenty of flexible immersion courses in Vancouver on offer, this is your chance to design your ideal package. Although the courses are full time, there is still room to explore the city with your surroundings. Activities and excursions are programmed into your course, and indeed they're an integral part of your learning. During these activities, you'll gain fluency speaking English in a laid-back atmosphere. While you're studying on a Vancouver immersion course, you'll be learning English all the time, not just in class. You'll improve your conversational skills while skiing, sight-seeing, hiking in the mountains, or relaxing on the beach: what could be better?

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