Teach English online to adult students around the world

Technology has made it easier than ever to connect with students from around the world and further develop your teaching skills. Teaching English online is a fulfilling role in which you can choose your working hours, teach one-to-one and group classes, and help students enhance their conversational English skills.

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Why should you teach English online?

Teaching English on our platform lets you do all this:

  • You can teach internationally from home
  • You can teach all year round
  • Schedule teaching to fit in with the rest of your life
  • The online classroom is simple to use and connects you seamlessly with your students
  • Optional teaching materials are provided as a resource tool for you
  • See the difference you make watching your students grow in confidence lesson by lesson
  • Develop your online teaching skills and grow your income

The day-to-day

You don’t need prior teaching experience to be a great online English teacher for adults. Plenty of enthusiasm and a desire to share your knowledge is a great starting point.

What is it like to teach English to adults online?

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"Now that I am at the end of my first month teaching with EF, I can safely say that I have learnt a lot about personal time management, communication and cultural differences.

Whilst I do think the role has married up with my expectations, I am very surprised by how rewarding teaching can be. Being online, I did not expect to be able to form interpersonal relations with students so easily. It really is amazing how a shared interest for the English language can cross geographical and physical barriers.

Overall, teaching English online definitely isn’t your average job – I mean how many people can say that they have spoken with people from all six continents before their 11am coffee break?!"

This is Katie. She's been teaching adult learners English online since 2020.

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We believe anyone has the ability to teach, you just need to meet the following requirements:

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Be your own boss

Compensation is market related

Aside from claiming more classes, there are multiple ways to qualify for additional fees.

From great schedule management to getting good student feedback, we have easy-to-understand supplementary fee options.

The base rate is determined by various factors, such as skill level and market demand.

  • Our global pool of students means you can teach throughout the day

  • Easily schedule teaching around your other commitments

  • Combine a variety of lessons in the morning, afternoon or evening to easily maximize your earning potential

  • Teach group classes or one-to-one lessons

  • Help adult learners of all ages reach professional and personal goals