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Mandarin Chinese test

Free 15-minute Mandarin Chinese quiz. Instant results.

Mandarin Chinese level test

This short Mandarin Chinese test estimates your level from beginner to advanced, looking at your real-world Chinese skills rather than grammar or vocabulary alone.

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Understanding your Mandarin Chinese level

It is important to consider your goals when trying to understand your level in Chinese. While taking a Mandarin Chinese test or two can be a helpful benchmark, in the end, it is what you want to be able to do in Mandarin that matters. Do you want to travel to China? Study in university? Work in Chinese? In addition to taking this quiz, we recommend that you make a list of things you aim to learn to do in Chinese and use that list to assess your own progress toward those goals.

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You can find a range of free Mandarin Chinese tests and quizzes online to check your level instantly. These tests may be more focused on grammar, vocabulary, character recognition, or other specific Chinese skills. They may also be general quizzes aimed at everyday communication. It can be helpful to take more than one Mandarin test to be able to compare your scores on different types of assessments and identify strengths and weaknesses.

The most widely-recognized Mandarin Chinese exam is the HSK. There are six levels of exam, from HSK 1 (beginner) to HSK 6 (advanced). Each is a separate exam that you will need to book and pay for. If you plan to study abroad in China or need an official Mandarin certificate for work, the HSK is the best choice. However, if you're just looking for a free way to check your level, an online Chinese test is a more flexible option.

Taking a Mandarin Chinese test online is one of the quickest ways to get a general idea of your Mandarin level. You can also base your evaluation on which level of course you have completed in a language school, or which level textbook you're currently using in class. If you're considering a Chinese course, there will be a placement test before your lessons start to make sure you study with the correct group. This will help you identify your Mandarin level.

You will need a minimum of a B2 level in Chinese to be able to function efficiently at work, although there are some exceptions. For example, if you have a B2 level in spoken Chinese, but a lower level in written Chinese, depending on what your job function is, mastery of the written language can be more or less essential. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to work entirely in Mandarin Chinese without a minimum of a B2 level in both the written and the spoken language.