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How to learn German quickly: 10 tips

How to learn German quickly: 10 tips

Learning a new language is hard, but who says that it can’t be enjoyable, too? Mastering a new language requires effort, of course, but there’s no better feeling than that first conversation with a native speaker that goes really well. To get you well on your way, here are ten great ways to quickly master German.

1. Read everything

From German magazines and newspapers, to blogs, books and comics, making time to read lots of different styles of writing will help you master the language. Even if you’re just reading a few pages or articles every day, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of common sentence structures as well as grammar and spelling. The different types of content you read can strengthen your knowledge of formal or informal German, as well as help you keep up to date with news and culture.

2. Follow new influencers

Whether you’re using TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, find some German-speaking content creators to follow. This way every time you open your social media apps, you’ll keep gently practicing the language you’re learning and keep up to date with those ever-changing trends and slang.

3. Visit Germany

Plan a trip! Learning German is the perfect excuse for you to pack your passport and head to Berlin or Munich for a few days. Spending time in Germany, speaking German with native speakers and being completely immersed in the language, is the best thing you can do for your language learning.

4. Or, study abroad

To really boost your comprehension skills, go for a longer study abroad experience in Germany. Actually, living in a new place gives you a much richer understanding of the language and culture than just a weekend trip. The constant practicing and thinking on your feet will help your accent and conversation abilities improve quickly, and you’re more likely to keep those skills for life.

5. Find some new podcasts

Subscribing to German podcasts is an easy and enjoyable way to reinforce what you’re learning in a classroom. Listening regularly is great for practicing keeping up with a conversation, and will make improving your accent and pronunciation feel effortless.

6. Watch TV

Put your feet up – even during your chill out time, you can improve your German. It can be as simple as switching the language settings on Netflix so that you can watch shows with German subtitles or audio, or choosing to watch shows made in German. Sitcoms and chat shows are brilliant for following fast but light conversation.

7. Change your phone’s language

Yep, it is that simple. On average we spend over three hours a day looking at our phone screens, so we might as well make that time useful. Switch your phone’s language to German, and every time you pick it up, you’ll see the German words for things like the date and weather. Plus, it’ll constantly remind your brain to think in German, and make it easier to switch to ‘thinking in German’ when you’re in other situations.

8. Make notes

While we’re talking about phones, a note app can be your best friend when learning another language. We suggest making two lists; One of common words or phrases that you might need to use often, and one that you add to when you make a mistake. Writing things like new words or small phrases down when we learn them (or, when we get them wrong) can help commit the right stuff to memory.

9. Ask for help

If you don’t know how to say something, or you don’t understand what someone is saying to you, just ask. There’s no need to be embarrassed, and getting clarification in the moment will help you learn faster than waiting to Google it when you get home.

10. Keep it regular

When it comes to learning a language, consistency is key! You don’t have to use all of our tips at once. Instead, it’s easiest if you make a schedule, and stick to it. Sprinkle different techniques throughout your week so that every day you’re slowly improving your spoken and written German. Listen to podcasts and read the news one day, then practice with friends after class the next.

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