Unlimited learning with our revolutionary EF Efekta™ System

Our EF Efekta™ System is a complete package of learning materials specifically created for each level of learning. From time spent in a conversation-based classroom with certified teachers to studying outside the classroom using the interactive learning tools in our online language learning lab (iLab). All lessons and topics are fully synchronized from the classroom topics and course book lessons to the online media content.

Researched and tested

Over the past 45 years, we have continually supported teams of scientists and linguists at our two research centers at the University of Cambridge and in Shanghai in the development and testing of our EF Efekta™ System. Ongoing research at these research centers guarantees our content is always up-to-date.

Continuous guidance

An EF expert will help you asses your language abilities with a free language test to determine the optimal school and course for you. Upon arrival at your destination and throughout your program, you’ll meet with an EF Academic Advisor to establish your learning goals.

Customized study options

Adding a whole new dimension to your program, special interest classes (SPINs) allow you to truly make your studies your own. Work on your language fluency while at the same time building knowledge in topics that genuinely interest and appeal to you. See below for a sample list of SPIN options.

Integrated learning and materials

All the topics and subjects you hear in the classroom, read in your course book and see on your computer in iLab are linked together. Each type of media helps you learn and absorb language skills in different ways with seamless integration. All are coordinated to make learning as easy and as efficient as possible in the shortest amount of time.