Partnership between the Rwanda Development Board, Mastercard Foundation, and EF Education First

The public-private partnership aims to provide comprehensive English, communication and hospitality skills training to the tourism and hospitality industry in Rwanda. 

The joint program will primarily focus on English proficiency and communication skills, which have been identified as a critical challenge for the industry. It will also boost essential hospitality skills, including knowledge about the richness of Rwanda as a premier tourism destination and a focus on how to offer world-class service during events and conferences.

Program Intent 

The first phase will include 2,000 workers and, upon successful completion, the program will expand countrywide and scale to include up to 30,000 participants from a wide range of job functions across the entire tourism and hospitality value chain. To be considered for the program, all organisations and individuals from within the industry are encouraged to register their interest for participation.


With a special focus on women and underprivileged youth, graduates of the program are expected to increase their employability, and significantly improve their career opportunities in the future. This public-private partnership complements the Mastercard Foundation’s portfolio of programs in the Hanga Ahazaza (“Create the Future”) initiative, which is focused on increasing work opportunities for young people while expanding the tourism and hospitality industry in Rwanda.

Program Implementation

Launching in May 2020, the program will be delivered online via EF's award-winning virtual English school - English Live. Available on all devices, the program will be led by EF's experienced language teachers and multi-lingual study advisors, who are available 24/7, on-demand. 


EF will work closely with local partners, including the Rwanda Convention Bureau (RCB), the Chamber of Tourism (CoT), and various affiliated associations and tourism establishments to ensure an inclusive, relevant, and successful training program.


Program Impact


On a national level, high English proficiency enhances cross-border communication, collaboration, and productivity. Growth in Rwanda's tourism and hospitality sector is a key national priority. 


For the sector, high English proficiency, effective communication, and exceptional hospitality skills are critical to position Rwanda as a leading tourism destination for leisure and business. Rwanda relies on a highly-skilled and motivated workforce to ensure organisations' success and the long-term growth of Rwanda's tourism industry.


On an individual level, with a special focus on women and underprivileged youth, graduates of the program are likely to increase their employability and significantly improve their career opportunities in the future. 


Get involved - Organisations


The program represents a significant investment in the tourism and hospitality industry and Rwanda as a whole. As part of the industry, if you want to  make the most of this timely and important initiative, we count on you to:


  • Register your interest to participate in the program.
  • Put forward your most driven and determined employees, who will appreciate the investment made in them and make the most of this unique upskilling opportunity;
  • Work with EF to ensure your staff gets the support they need to participate fully in the program and thrive.


To ensure your establishment is considered for the pilot of the phase of the program, kindly register your interest as soon as possible, and EF will be in contact with you shortly to explore ways in which we can support your employees and your business through this program. 


Get involved - Participants

The most important criteria for participation are strong motivation to learn, commitment to see it through the ambition to thrive. If you work in Rwanda's tourism and hospitality industry (including the wider value chain) and have the ambition to accelerate your English and hospitality skills, we would love to hear from you. Register your interest through our sign-up form and let us know why you should be chosen to participate in this exciting program. 

Register your interest today!