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How to ace an interview at EF: 4 tips you need to know

EF Education First was founded in 1965 by Bertil Hult, a young, entrepreneurial Swede with a clear vision and a nothing-is-impossible attitude. To make his business idea a reality, he knew he needed to surround himself with people who believed in EF’s work. Hiring great people has helped us become the global organization we are today, with 600 schools and offices in 50 countries, an award-winning company culture, and a unifying mission of opening the world through education.

We are always looking for talented people to join our team and want everyone to have the tools to succeed. So, if you are applying for a job at EF, here are some helpful tips and insights from our Global Recruitment and Employee Development team that will help you learn how to ace an interview at EF.

Interview tip 1: Have stories to tell from previous experience

Think deeply about how you can best showcase your knowledge, skills, and strengths. Be ready to clearly communicate real examples of times when you have developed or used them to have an impact.

-Ha-Neul, VP Global Recruitment and Development, London

Be proactive in your interview and stay humble and curious. Let us know the latest things you’ve learned and what has motivated you to do so. Show us your entrepreneurial spirit by giving examples.

-Anabel, Talent Manager, Zurich

Show that you are a driven and passionate person! Answer questions and talk about yourself and your experience with excitement and give vivid examples. Don’t be afraid to end the interview with a pitch of why you are the right person for the job.

-Caroline, Director, Asia Recruitment and Employee Development, Zurich

Always be specific about your qualities/skills. Employers are interested in examples of how you have been able to use them, especially where you have taken the initiative to do so.

-Adama, Project Director, Recruitment and Employee Development, London

There’s a difference between being prepared and being rehearsed. We don’t want to be rehearsed! You can spend time thinking about your experience and how it might prepare you for the job you’re applying for, but please don’t rehearse your answers. We want to get to know YOU.

-Emily, VP Recruitment and Employee Development, Boston

Interview tip 2: Be yourself and show what you are passionate about

EF is all about passion, so don’t hesitate to bring out your true self. We are eager to learn about your student and professional experience showing us how you can bring your success to new projects. Remain formal but fun, and most of all, enjoy the process.

-Tannia, Director, Recruitment and Employee Development, Mexico City

At EF, passion is a core value, and we’re always looking for candidates who show passion for their work and life. To demonstrate that passion, we’re looking for authentic answers representing who you are and giving us a taste of how you will infuse that energy into your role.

-David, Sr. Director of Employee Experience, Canada

People with so many different experiences, skills, and characteristics have found wild success and long careers at EF. Help us understand what makes you excited to go to work each day, what you’re great at, and how those things translate to elevating the role you’re interviewing for.

-Mike, VP of People & Training, Boston

Be yourself! At EF, we want you to bring your full self to work, starting with your interview. Have a fun hobby or a side hustle? We want to hear about it. An interview is as much a chance for EF to get to know you as it is a chance for you to get to know us.

-Stephanie, Recruitment Manager, Boston

Interview tip 3: Explain why you are interested in EF and this role

When you apply for a job at EF, please spend time asking yourself why you are interested in education (vs. other industries), EF (vs. other education companies), and this role. Only when you have the right motivation can you be resilient in times of difficulty. Please be honest with yourself. EF is a place where your true self is valued.

-Angela, Executive Vice President, EF China, Shanghai

Get to know the company and prepare some good questions yourself. Have a look at the LinkedIn profile of the person who will interview you. Prepare yourself with the STAR model to answer questions you think might come up. And have an elevator pitch ready why we should hire you.

-Fiona, Director, Global Recruitment and Employee Development, Lucerne

Do your research and come well prepared. Also, try to answer any questions during the interview as concisely as possible and give examples. Use this opportunity also to evaluate whether EF is the right company for you. EF is a great company to come and work for, but expectations are high regarding professionalism, flexibility, and drive.

-Carin, VP Finance Recruitment and Development, Zurich

Be honest. Show your personality—don’t say what you think the recruiter wants to hear. Do your homework—explain why you are suitable for the role by relating back to the job description and give real-life examples.

-Anna, Director, Global Recruitment and Employee Development, Stockholm

Interview tip 4: Come ready with questions

Set aside four good questions that show that you are prepared and want to work for EF—questions like, “Tell me more about professional development opportunities here,” or “What is the toughest thing about the first year at EF?” Or “What have you liked the most about working at EF?”

-Tim, VP Recruitment and Employee Development and Benefits, Boston

Prepare questions about the role and the company! This shows that you are interested. It also helps you find out if this role is something for you. When I can have a genuine and passionate conversation about the company and the business, that is when I know this person will be a perfect fit.

-Cecilia, Global Digital Director, Recruitment and Development, Zurich

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