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A sweet connection: EF’s long relationship with s’mores

Moments of cultural understanding can happen when you least expect it, whether it’s through a conversation with a new friend, at a dinner table full of familiar faces, or even around a campfire under a star-spattered sky.  

At EF Education First, we help people get outside their comfort zones through immersive cultural experiences. Every year wsend students and travelers all around the world to help them learn something new, and food is a major part of thatWhen spending time in the U.S., there’s one treat in particular that should be on everyone’s must-try list.  

Chocolate, a perfectly toasted marshmallow, and a graham cracker – s’mores have long been an American classic and a staple around a crackling campfire. Originally called the ‘Graham Cracker Sandwich,’ s’mores were quickly renamed because, as anyone who’s eaten one knows, you have to indulge in some more.” As countless EF students and travelers have learned over the years, it’s impossible not to come back for seconds. 


EF High School Exchange Year student roasting smores

Roger, an EF High School Exchange Year student, sits around a campfire with his host brothers, making sure his marshmallow is toasted to perfection.

Firewood closeup

Firewood, often chopped by hand or sold in a bundle, is a campfire’s foundation and brings light and warmth to this social gathering.

Campfire closeup

The best fire for making s’mores is a low-burning flame with glowing embers that lets you get close enough to roast your marshmallow perfectly.


Smores ingredients

The anatomy of a s’more consists of graham crackers, marshmallows and milk chocolate, but there are many variations on this classic recipe.


Roasting a marshmallow

Everyone has their marshmallow roasting preferences, whether it’s lightly toasted or smoky and gooey.


EF students roasting marshmallows around the fire

EF friends gather around a campfire to share stories and try new treats.

?: @linaeben


EF New York students roasting smores on a grill

Sometimes EF New York students get creative with where they’re getting their fire, but the outcome is still the same.

?: @efnewyork


EF High School Exchange Year staffers and students roasting marshmallows

Throwback to EF High School Exchange Year’s 2017 EF Camp, where staff and students bonded over s’mores while preparing for their coming exchange year in the United States.

?: @citizenchandler


EF Vancouver students sitting around a fire

While visiting the Rocky Mountains, students from EF Vancouver gather around a campfire, s’mores sticks ready to go.

?: @ef.van


Smores closeup

The finished product – EF International Language Campus students enjoy marshmallows that have been toasted to their liking and chocolate that has slightly melted, wrapped in graham crackers, making this a delicious, hand-held treat on a crisp evening.

?: @efswissalps

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