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We live in a time of fast-paced change when it comes to business. Thanks to the internet and especially social media, the corporate world is more changeable than ever before. Companies no longer have to be giants to be globally active and the physical boarders that divide us become less significant. Production, consumption, and the provision of services are increasingly globalized activities, which means that teams can be spread out over continents and customers can be anywhere in the world. This presents fantastic opportunities for growth and innovation, but also tremendous challenges as companies shift toward non-traditional organizational structures.

As a company that works with some of the world’s biggest and most complex businesses, EF has seen many organizations tackle complicated issues, from expanding into new markets to recruiting staff with a global skillset and, not least, promoting effective cross-border communication. We have harvested a wealth of valuable information from these experiences such as which communication strategies work best in which situations, how to manage change and much, much more. We would now like to open this up to a wider audience.

The purpose of this blog is to create a community to share such experiences, insights and ideas about operating in a modern business environment. As economic pressure spurs all of us to become more competitive we have to adapt our processes on the go, and the more information we can share with each other, the better placed we are to make informed decisions and try new things. In this space we’ll invite experts, both within EF and outside it, to share their thoughts about a variety of topics focused on working in a globalized, fast-paced, and extremely social business climate.

I invite and encourage you to share your ideas well in the comments- if experience is the best teacher then we undoubtedly have much to learn from one another.



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