Stories of EF philanthropy in Nepal

Taking a look inside & going to the top of the world

As the EF Nepal team starts preparing for Shree Jalapa Devi’s ceremonial groundbreaking, we receive some exciting news:

A couple of months ago, we posted a short SketchUp video of the planned campus. After all the administrative hurdles this project has tackled, it was very rewarding to finally SEE – and share – what the school would eventually look like. So, imagine our excitement upon receiving an even more detailed 3D simulation that takes you INSIDE the new school! This updated virtual tour of the new Shree Jalapa Devi can be found below.


The second bit of news was a complete surprise from left field. To be exact, it actually came from the highest point in the world: in collaboration with Madison Mountaineering and the virtual reality storytelling company Panogs, the EF flag was brought up to the summit of Mount Everest on May 19, 2016, and photographed with Madison guide Conan Bliss.

Madison Mountaineering guided the climbing expedition as well as facilitated in the creation of a Panogs-produced VR series focused on summiting Everest. According to Panogs partner and longtime Hult family friend Ted Youngs, the Everest series is the first of several VR films documenting the highest points on the Earth’s seven continents.

The successful Everest summit was especially poignant for Madison Mountaineering as its first Everest summit since last year, when a devastating avalanche caused by the April 25th earthquake took several lives, including that of Madison’s base camp doctor Marisa Eve Girawong.

We send heartfelt thanks to the Madison expedition team, Ted and Panogs for taking EF’s flag along on their amazing journey!

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