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School design gets stamp of approval

The monsoons have arrived! From now until August, steady rains will drench Kathmandu and adjacent regions, including our school’s district of Sindhupalchok. Monsoon season also happens to coincide with the annual school break, an overlap intended to free children from school duties so they can help their families with the seasonal harvest.

As Shree Jalapa Devi Higher Secondary School prepares to take its annual summer break, the EF Nepal school project receives great news: our new campus layout – designed to withstand another magnitude 7 earthquake – has finally been approved by Nepal’s Department of Education. We also received 3D renderings of the beautiful new school campus; check out the video below. To say that we are eager to get construction started, and get the students into their new classrooms is a true understatement!

Next up: planning for the groundbreaking!!

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