Stories of EF philanthropy in Nepal

New Semester Volunteer Group Start Their Adventure in Nepal

For 2019- 2020 academic year, we received 130+ volunteer applications from 26 cities across China. The first group of two participants of the EF Nepal VolunTour program was selected for the 2019 autumn semester and began their journey in Nepal.

For the first year of Nepal Voluntour, we received applications from EFEC and Kids & Teens. 12 EF volunteer teachers were selected and finished their voluntour in Nepal in 2018-2019.  We got a very positive feedback from our Nepal volunteers:

“As volunteers, we go to Nepal thinking we are going to teach them something new. But we walk away with them teaching us more. Not just about their beautiful country, but about life. I began my journey with one of my favourite quotes and I will end this post with it as well: ‘Fire tests gold, but adversity tests the brave. Be brave!” —Reandi Engelbrecht

“Feb 25th Monday sunny after the morning class, I walked around the school and found tiny sandals that were out of Grade 1’s classroom. There were a few pairs and were suitable for kids of 5-6 years old. Kids there just wore these and came to school every morning around 6 o’clock. I am an adult and I think I am strong enough. I wore sneakers and a warm jacket under the weather. To be honest, I cried after I came back to my office. I don’t know what I can do to help them.” —Si Meng

“ This experience has taught me how to smile without having everything, welcome those you barely know into your heart and that through knowledge, all things are possible.” —Lauren Cupido

“The teaching in Nepal was an experience and I definitely think it made me a better teacher as it taught me how to adapt quickly, be patient and really improve my classroom management.” —Tara O Mahony

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