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Fueling Winter Turmoil

On November 30, 2015, a stationery shop owner pinned a paper sign to his chest and joined a long row of locals standing outside. That day, hundreds of Nepalese protested the on-going fuel blockade along the shared Indian border by forming a 3 kilometer-long human chain from the capital of Kathmandu to Lalitpur, wearing signs that said “Transit is our right; let’s protest the Indian blockade” and “Let’s maintain national unity and social harmony.”

The blockade, caused by violent political unrest on the Nepalese side of border checkpoints, is entering its third month. Although China has signed an agreement to donate over a million liters of fuel to Nepal, the crisis is only deepening. In addition to cooking gas and petrol, there is now a critical shortage in medications, as all three commodities are normally sourced from India. If the blockade does not end or ease in the next couple of weeks, the swiftly coming winter is expected to take a deadly toll on those already vulnerable from the April earthquake: the poor, the young, the old and the infirm.

Protesters with Nepalese flags walk up the protest route

Buses coming from India damaged by rock-throwing protesters at the Indo-Nepali border

A shop owner and his wife proudly show their protest signs

A man bicycles past the kilometers-long queue of motorcycles and taxis, waiting for petrol

Thank you for all of the donations and contributions we have already received from members of the EF community.

1. Lucy Liu from EFEC RED team donated Shanghai White Rabbit candy (a favorite of local children);
2. EFEC Regional General Managers Stella Zhuang, Christie Chen and Lucy Liu donated butter biscuits (also a local favorite) for Christmas;
3. EFEC Beijing team donated t-shirts;
4. Educational Tours in the US donated backpacks and t-shirts;
5. Sam Cheung from ET and Michelle Leung from Hult Asia will contribute sports uniforms for students at our selected school.

A young student from Shree Liti Mahakal Secondary School, Dhading District, gives EF a thumbs-up!

Hope distributes donated White Rabbit candy to students at Shree Liti Mahakal Secondary School, Dhading District.

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