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The crew and criteria for finding the right school

When we decided that a major initiative under the EF Global Classroom Foundation was to rebuild a school damaged by the devastating earthquake in Nepal, our first order of business was ensuring we had the right team and standards in place. This would guarantee we’d be providing help for those truly in need and assist in the long-term recovery of Nepal.

To lead the team on the ground, Hope Ma was up for the task. As the Project Leader, Hope oversees the team on the ground, and has spent the past couple months in Nepal visiting damaged schools to find one to be rebuilt. With Hope are:

Edengrace Cayosa—Edengrace is a project manager in charge of building construction and also leads internal communication in English.

Vienna Chen—Vienna is a project manager in charge of construction consulting affairs as well as internal communication in Chinese.

Jonah Mu—Jonah is a project manager in charge of construction supervision, logistics, accommodations, on-site management, local relationships and maintenance.

Together, this team of four will be on the ground in Nepal, helping oversee the rebuilding of the school. They will send progress updates throughout the process.

Hope Ma – Team Leader

Vienna Chen – Project Manager

Jonah Mu – Project Manager

Edengrace Cayosa (middle)- Project Manager

Finding the right school isn’t easy. Hope and his team have visited more than 50 schools, assessing the damage to each location. The final selection will be a school that is:1. A public school
2. Open to both boys and girls
3. A village school
4. Damaged by the recent earthquake
5. Not receiving recovery assistance from another NGO or local government

Construction is set to begin at the start of the New Year. We will also share all of our school analysis and building designs with other organizations to further help with Nepal’s recovery.

Learn more about the community where we’re building, the school itself, and to follow our progress by checking in every few weeks.

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