Stories of EF philanthropy in Nepal

Building the foundation for an amazing campus

‘Tis the season of festivals in Nepal: October began with the festival of Dashain, while November was brought in by the festival of Tihar. Also known as Deepawali or the festival of lights, Tihar is a 5-day Hindu festival marked by homes that are gorgeously illuminated – both inside and out – with oil lamps.

Once the celebrations were done, workers were back on site at Shree Jalapa Devi HSS to complete a crucial milestone in school construction: pouring the foundation for the new buildings. To ensure that this critical step was executed according to their strict building plan for increased earthquake resiliency, the Yoshizawa consultancy sent three Japanese engineers to the school for direct supervision and construction technology meetings. In addition, the EF Nepal team created a WeChat group for daily progress updates to the remote Japanese team plus a daily construction check list for the on-site supervisor.

Finally, the Japanese engineers also completed their assessment of the only school building to survive the 2015 earthquake. This building, which is still actively used as classroom and administrative space due to lack of options, may actually be structurally sound; if the engineering report confirms this, then the building can be retrofitted for additional earthquake resiliency.

So be sure to check back for more construction updates, and to find out if our campus will grow to three buildings!

Japanese engineers survey the grounds and the one remaining building.

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