Stories of EF philanthropy in Nepal

A letter from Bertil

May 2015

Dear EF community,

The terrible disaster in Nepal has affected many of us. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the thousands of victims of the earthquake and their families. All of us are looking for ways to help.

We know that in addition to the immediate devastation of any natural disaster of this magnitude, what follows are very difficult years of rebuilding and recovering. Homes, schools, offices, sanitation and other infrastructure must be rebuilt.

To that end, EF will contribute to the long-term recovery of Nepal by committing to help in the area we understand and know best—education. We will aid in the future education of some of the children of Nepal by building a new elementary school in one of the areas most affected by the earthquake. Construction will begin in just a few short months.

In times like this, the global community comes together, and the EF community is no different. We are grateful that we can contribute at least a little bit to Nepal’s recovery.

My very best,


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