5 ways to make online learning more interactive

Engaging learners in your online learning program is one of the keys to ensuring they learn effectively and get the most out of what they are doing. One of the most effective ways to make learners more engaged in what they are doing it to make it interactive. With interactive online learning experiences, learners have no option other than to get involved and take an active role in their learning. Here are five simple ways to engage your learners by making your online learning program more interactive.

Ask for feedback

Any chance the learners have to leave feedback is a great opportunity for interaction. How we respond to the feedback can also have other advantages for streamlining programs and making them more relevant.

Let people choose the way

Giving the learner the choice of where to start in a selection of topics and units allows them to pick out relevant content instantly and become engaged in the program. The can be guided along the learning path with recommendations or some compulsory units if necessary, but letting them choose the order in which they learn topics empowers and engages the learner.

Make it social

Social functions such as sharing and commenting on content are part of the way most of us are used to communicating. Combined with gamification, this makes any course more interactive. It’s a lot of fun for the learners, too.

Invite learners to contribute

Having the learners contribute their knowledge by making resources or hosting online group study sessions is another way to empower them. Task-based learning can provide the learners with a real, relevant outcome which can be shared with other learners who are earlier in their learner journey to inspire them and help with their studies.

Encourage peer evaluation

A classic classroom technique that works a treat online. Enabling learners to review each other’s work reinforces their understanding of what they are doing and encourages a culture of sharing which can be valuable in spreading best-practice.

These tips are just the start, though. There are many other ways to encourage interaction which will depend on your individual online learning program. How about you? Do you have any other suggestions or tips to add to the list? If so, tweet them to us at @EF_Solutions.

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