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Visiting the BabyLab of University of Oxford

Written by Lujain, student contributor from EF Academy Oxford

In June, the psychology AL Y1 class and our teacher Dr. Claudia Cipolla had an interesting visit to the Baby Lab at the Experimental Psychology Department of Oxford University. The researchers welcomed us to their faculty with a wide smile and were really helpful to answer all of our questions and give us information about their studies and research.

The visit started with an introductory talk about their researchers and the way they study children’s development. The researcher presented pictures of how they apply their most technological tools to do their research. One of the really interesting studies that she mentioned was the relation between the level of creativity and sleeping. Which showed a positive correlation. Other studies were also mentioned like the one about when children start to distinguish between accents and words.

As the talk ended, we had the opportunity to explore different rooms where most of the studies take place. We saw the room where they do the eye tracking and I had the chance to do the test as well. It was really interesting to experience the kind of tricks they use to attract a baby’s attention. Students were also able to have a chat with Ph.D. students to get some advice from them which I think was very helpful to all of us. They discussed with us about their overall experience in working with children in addition to the advice they gave us before applying to universities.

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