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5 qualities universities look for in applicants

With spring break right around the corner (or even summer break), you’re going to have a lot of free... Read more

How to not give up: A student’s perspective

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there before. All those sleepless nights spent staring hopelessly at a... Read more

7 ways to avoid culture shock

Culture shock is a very common phase in all of our lives when we travel to a new country, especially... Read more

Community service – education for the heart

Before we get started thinking about the vast benefits of getting involved with community service it... Read more

Home of the homeless soul: The road so far

When you no longer have to leave your house to shop and get food, when an infinite amount of informa... Read more

6 ways to stay on top of your school work & social life

When studying a program as demanding as the IB, it can be extremely difficult to get all your school... Read more

Eight secrets on how to improve your English

No matter how good your English is, you can always improve it in some way. This is true even for nat... Read more

Your 101 for writing a book

A lot of people are going to tell you various, different ways on how to write a book, me included. H... Read more

8 ways to overcome homesickness

School stress is kicking in. You haven’t had your food from your country for a while now, and you do... Read more

A day-to-day recap of the Global Leadership Summit in Italy

On July 7th-9th 2017, EF Academy Ambassadors from three campuses: New York, Oxford, and Torbay, had ... Read more

Global Leadership Summit 2017 – Q&A with Maya Nylund

This year’s Global Leadership Summit was held in Milan, Italy and with the topic on “The Future of F... Read more

A letter to June

Here one of our ambassadors and newly appointed Angelina, editor of Impact Magazine writes a letter ... Read more