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A-Z of EF Academy New York


The ambassador program is one of the most successful programs in this school. We have about 40 ambassadors here at EF Academy New York who are representatives of the school!

B-basketball game

The basketball game is the most fun sport ever! EF Academy basketball players play against the high school in the local area. Both basketball girls and boys have such a huge successful so far.


Speaking of basketball…you probably think about cheerleading as well, right? Cheerleading at EF Academy New York is so much fun. They go on competitions during the weekend, and they will be at the basketball game to support our basketball players.


Can’t miss this word! DIVERSITY. EF Academy is a super-diverse school. They’re people from all around the world here. The countries represented include America, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, and many more!


EF Education First! Could not have any other words to describe! We have the International Baccalaureate program, IGCSE and English Preparatory program. EF is all about education.


EF Academy is such a big school that has so many facilities. We have a music room, theater, dance room, gym, student cafe, and many more!

G-go storm!

Back to sport again! G-O Go Storm go!! Our sports mascot is STORM. Don’t mess with the STORM!


Homecoming is also one of the biggest events in this school. Homecoming game and spirit week are always together and it’s fun so much fun!!

I-IB program/IGCSE program

IB and IGCSE are the curriculums we offer at EF Academy. They’re very rigorous, involve extra curriculum, and have really high standards. The university loves to see these two diplomas. And EF Academy offers these two programs!


Wonder why I choose jacket? Because it’s freezing in New York during the winter! It could be as high as 2 celsius, and could get as low as -18 celsius during the winter! So, better wear your jacket all the time!


The school is where people gain more knowledge. And we do plenty of learning here at EF Academy!

L-Lunar New Year

Never ever miss this event. This is a super special event that not many schools have! Lunar New Year plays a big role in our school. This year, we saw so many good performances from China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

M-Model United Nations

EF Academy offers Model UN as one of the clubs for everyone to join. There are so many trips to go in this club. Our students have been to Princeton University, the Model UN conference, New York City, and are planning a trip to Cornell University as representatives of EF Academy. We are so proud of them.

N-New York City!

New York Cityyyyyyyyy!!! Everyone knows New York City! It’s such a big and fun city to be in. If you come here, you’ll never miss the opportunity to go to New York City. It’s only about forty minutes from our campus. You can visit many museums, eat out at different types of restaurants, take a walk in central park and even visit Times Square! Don’t miss it!


EF is a large organization with many different options to take advantage of. They also have EF Exchange Year, EF Tours, Hult International Business School, and many more.


Prom is a huge event at EF Academy. It’s fun and classy. We all love to dance the night away at Prom!

Q-quiz bowl

Quiz Bowls are organized by Dean Nichole!  Students enjoy quiz bowl so much. The winning team got a $10 Amazon card and an excused absence from Study Hall. The snacks and drinks are prepared for participants. Including, PIZZA!

R-Rose Hill

The shopping center that’s just 5 minutes away from EF Academy! There’re so many things down there; ACME grocery store, CVS pharmacy, Chase bank, Urgent Care, Asian Wave restaurant, a bakery shop, and much more!!

S-snow days

Everyone loves snow days. New York is a northern state that always gets a lot of snow during winter season. It’s one of the best memories I ever have. Just have time to sleep in, drink a hot chocolate, and look outside when the snow is coming down. Gosh, feels like being in a movie.


EF Academy provides so many trips for students in every subject and club. For example, the theater class went to Broadway shows many times. Photography club went to New York City for cool pictures and a visit to the Brooklyn Bridge!! And Prep recently visited the Wax Museum!

U-university visit

During the first semester, several colleges visited EF Academy. Lots of them are a high-ranked universities. For example, New York University, George Washington University, University of Chicago, University of Miami, and the University of Birmingham.


Valentine’s Day is also one of the most exciting events. The Activity Committee from Student Council provided a rose delivery service to students’ crushes or friends. As a member of the activity committee, we delivered more than 300 roses! It’s fun and we all enjoy it!

W-winter break

December and Winter break to come together. Students have a chance to go back to their mother country and enjoy three weeks with their family. How nice is it?


eXcellent. The word is right there. EF Academy is an excellent education and experience.


Our school is full of a young, lively, fun teenagers or in the other word-YOUTHS <3


zest (n.) -great enthusiasm and energy. That’s the last word to describe EF Academy.


Written by Pawita Sunthornpong from Thailand, grade 11 IB year-1.



Feeling inspired? It doesn’t stop here, EF Academy New York has far more to offer.

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