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Advice from alumni: Alexandra Mishenina

Alexandra Mishenina graduated from EF Academy Torbay in 2011 and after earning a Bachelor’s and Mast... Read more

EF Academy Torbay Student Leadership 2017-18

In the grand scheme of things perhaps student leadership isn’t going to change the world. But maybe ... Read more

A time to remember and learn: Visit to the battle fields of the First World War in Be...

A time to remember and a time to learn. Visit to the Battle fields of the First World War in Belgium... Read more

Enrichment week: The Islands Project

During our Enrichment week last week students took part in our first islands project over three days... Read more

Enrichment week: Taking the class out of the classroom

Last week we held the first of our annual Enrichment weeks with students taking part in a range of a... Read more

EF Academy Eagles have turned the tables

EF Academy Eagles football team have turned the tables on rivals Torquay Academy. We have been playi... Read more

Helping you find your path

Students in our school this year are part of a new way of doing things and lucky enough to receive a... Read more

Advice from alumni: Anthony Wijaya

Anthony Wijaya is a medical student at Cardiff University – ranked 3rd in the UK for medicine in 201... Read more

Clubs profile: Japanese cooking and culture

While Torbay may not be a large city it is still a multi-cultural one. We have been lucky enough to ... Read more

Show us what you’re made of – Duke of Edinburgh Silver Training

Many of our students don’t have a lot of experience with the outdoors and virtually none of them hav... Read more

EF Academy Torbay Houses: The first competition

The EF Academy Torbay House system has already got off to a fantastic start with students getting re... Read more

Lower School University and Careers Fair in Bristol

Last week was a first for our school because we took our lower school students to a university and c... Read more