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Torbay’s staff surprised students with exciting end of term project

The end of the term, especially before Christmas can often be a slow painful affair. Everyone is des... Read more

EF Academy Torbay’s 2018 time capsule

For many of us at EF Academy Torbay, we’ve marked the ending of another chapter of our lives. ... Read more

A cumulative journey – celebrating EF Academy’s class of 2018

My name is Eugene Tan and I was an IB student at EF Academy Torbay for two years. The culmination of... Read more

Setting sail

Sailing is a must for us here in Torbay and now the weather has started to warm up we have been runn... Read more

Summer’s here and EF Academy Torbay students hit the beach for kayaking

Its been a long cold winter and the weather, including heavy snow has put pay to many of our outdoor... Read more

Life’s lessons in one weekend

The Duke of Edinburgh is all about personal growth and development and nowhere is this more apparent... Read more

Welcome to university life

One of the great advantages of being a student at EF Academy is that students already have some expe... Read more

Shakespeare in the caves

Students who study languages and the arts at Torbay had an amazing opportunity to watch the classic ... Read more

EF Academy Torbay House Football Cup

One of the most hotly contested House competitions of the year was held before the Easter break the ... Read more

Bath University visits EF Academy Torbay

Bath University visited EF Academy Torbay this week to highlight the kind of programs they have to o... Read more

Advice from alumni: Sabina Chokusheva

Sabina Chokusheva, from Kazakhstan, graduated from EF Academy Torbay as class of 2014. She is curren... Read more

EF Academy Torbay induction week 2015

The first week of the new 2015-2016 school year, was always going to be busy with hundreds of new st... Read more