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5 skills the next generation will need for success

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How to nurture a passion for STEM

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Where could science and technology take us in 30 years?

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IB vs. AP – discover the difference

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How to not give up: A student’s perspective

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9 steps to make a successful application to UK universities

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5 simple ways to stop procrastinating

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Teaching Theory of Knowledge in China

I had the wonderful opportunity of going to China to teach a Theory of Knowledge introductory course... Read more

IB vs. A-Level: Which is right for you?

One of the most important decisions to make when coming to the United Kingdom is choosing which prog... Read more

6 ways to stay on top of your school work & social life

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Impossible is nothing

Sports are more than physical exertion. Sports are more than sweat. Sports are more than putting on ... Read more

Building a better world through education – IB at EF Academy

The IB program challenges students to excel in their studies, and encourages both personal and acade... Read more