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Appreciating creativity and artistic expression at the IB Art Exhibition

The art programs at EF Academy New York are a place where individuals can cultivate their creative i... Read more

Student artists exhibit work in Katonah Museum of Art

Each year, the Katonah Museum of Art presents an exhibition called Young Artists: A High School Art ... Read more

A new age for boarding schools

For many students, the concept of ‘boarding school’ is a threat. It’s where disobedient children are... Read more

4 benefits of your child being fluent in a foreign language

Today, we live in a globalized world. One where more students study abroad, travel is increasingly a... Read more

Your ultimate high school checklist

While it might be true that every school is special in its own way, whether a school is right for yo... Read more

Everything I’ve learned about studying abroad that you need to know

Studying abroad can be one of the most life-enhancing yet challenging experiences to have. It requir... Read more

I found out what it’s like to work at a hospital

This is an article by Sara Zonza, an IB student studying Biomed at EF Academy Oxford. To make a g... Read more

Three completely different experiences at EF Academy Oxford

Hello everyone! This is Jubilee Au Yeung, from Hong Kong. I am currently taking the International... Read more

Group 4 project: diagnosing a mystery illness

Earlier this month, the other IB year one students and I completed the Group 4 project. This is an a... Read more

Summer’s here and EF Academy Torbay students hit the beach for kayaking

Its been a long cold winter and the weather, including heavy snow has put pay to many of our outdoor... Read more

Life’s lessons in one weekend

The Duke of Edinburgh is all about personal growth and development and nowhere is this more apparent... Read more

Club spotlight: Model United Nations

There is a variety of exhilarating clubs available at EF Academy New York, packed full of activities... Read more