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My summer internship in London


My name is Harry, I’m from Vietnam and currently study the IB diploma in EF Academy at Oxford and I’ve just finished my internship in London.

I was an Intern at the Student Services department in Hult International Business School located in East London. My role meant that we have to make sure everything is ready when the new students come and help the school organize events.

For example, one of my first jobs when I arrived was to prepare a welcome pack for 350 new students which included: tube maps, oyster card application, student discount voucher, etc.

Also, during this time, I had to call or email companies or local amenities to come to our vendor fair that was organized in September. Even though I have been studying English for many years, I find it quite challenging to ask them in a calm and professional tone which I’ve never done before.

I learned three main things through this internship: First, no matter what kind of job you are working, you have to do it with a professional attitude, from big things like emailing a company asking for student vouchers or small things like making a poster; you have to do everything with professionalism. For example, every information or content has to be clearly written and presented, the logo of the school has to be in the exact size in very format and everything has to be perfect.

The second thing I gained are the important skills you need to have in the office; communication is the most significant skill. If you have a problem, ask your manager or anyone that can help, enjoy what you do and do what you do best.

The third thing is the office environment could be really fun. After all of the hard working hours, in my office they have this thing call Fat Friday, where on Fridays, they bring us a lot of food for everyone to enjoy themselves.

I really admired my manager, she is really passionate about her job; always working hard and not wasting time. She taught me how to do my job the best I can.  I remember that one time she told me that, “When they trust you with this job, you have to make sure everything is perfect.” And that is something I am not going to forget. For this reason, she could be quiet strict in the office sometimes. However, outside of the office, she is a really fun person to hang out with, like going to markets.

In the end, I see this internship was a brilliant and unforgettable experience. I’ve learned so much more than I ever could have. I would highly recommend this opportunity to you. It is really worth the try.

PS: To Johanna, Heidi, Kerrie, Leesha and everyone who has helped me, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. You are the one who makes this an absolutely fantastic journey.

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