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Student spotlight: Tiril Brekke and Siyu Sun

During the 2017 – 2018 School Year, EF Academy New York is putting a ‘Spotlight’ on our students and housing staff, by having our House Parents write about the great students they have the pleasure of working with every day.  For our first blog in our Spotlight Series, our House Parent, Kate Irvin, from the College of William and Mary, interviews Seniors Tiril Brekke and Siyu Sun.

This has been a busy semester for the Soho Hall C (East First Floor C). Our hall comprises mostly of Senior girls, (with a couple of Juniors too) and so they have been hard at work on their Extended Essay and applying to colleges. Nonetheless, these girls have managed to uphold their extracurricular commitments and even find some time outside the classroom for sports, clubs and socializing. As one of the Soho House Parents, I have seen tremendous personal growth among my students in the past two months alone. The girls have really bonded as a hall, into a community. I absolutely love that when I walk down the hall during evening Study Hall, I find groups of girls helping each other with homework, working on art projects, or catching up on the latest episode of a favorite TV show. Two students in particular, Tiril Brekke and Siyu Sun, have displayed exceptional leadership both in the hall and in the larger EF Academy New York Community. I sat down with Tiril and Siyu to find out a little more about what they are involved in on campus and what they love about EF Academy New York.  – Kate Irvin, House Parent at EF Academy New York, 2017 – 2018.

Tiril Brekke

Year –  This is my second year at EF.

Hometown –  I am from Bergen, Norway, which is the second largest city in the country.

What clubs or sports are you involved in? – I am involved in the MUN club (Model United Nations), basketball, and the National Honor Society.

What is your favorite thing about EF Academy New York? –  My favorite thing about EF New York is that we live on campus, which makes our relationships with fellow students and staff much stronger, than if we didn’t live on campus. Our teachers are not just teachers to us, they are our advisors, our confidants, and our friends.

What is your favorite subject and why? –  My favorite subject at school is History High Level. I have always loved studying the past and learning about the effects the past has on how the world is shaped today. I think that history is very important for everyone to study so we can learn from past mistakes, and not repeat them in the present or future.

Siyu Sun

Year –  I am in my Senior year.

Hometown – I am from China, born and raised.

Number of years you have studied at EF– I have studied at EF Academy New York for three years.

What clubs or sports are you involved in? –  I am involved in Varsity Soccer, Varsity Cheerleading, Lunar New Year, and I am tutor for my Psychology class.

What is your favorite thing about EF? –  I like how diverse and international our students and staff are.  Here at EF Academy New York you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and learn how people live in different countries and cultures.

What is your favorite subject and why? – My favorite subject is Psychology because I love to study the human mind!

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