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Enjoy this student-created poetry from 2016

In 2016 the students of EF Academy Oxford were able to participate in a workshop with acclaimed poet Francesca Beard. Feeling inspired, the students put pen to paper and created their own poetry. Here are some of the pieces from our students.

By Alessandra

Would you like being trapped in a cage?
Waiting your whole life for a change
Can you imagine how it feels to see your life passing by behind those bars?
When you wish to run far,
Away from all this loneliness.
Since I tried to bring happiness into your life,
Would you consider my opinion before you decide to undermine me?

Questions for Discrimination
By Audrey

I don’t know how to start
As the theme has caused aching hearts
Maybe I’ll start with simple questions
And hopefully, this will grab your attention
What do you think when you
Hear the word discrimination?
Does the word ‘ignorance’ come through
Or maybe you end up thinking of aversion
How would you explain it
To a curious discriminated child?
Would you say they’re a misfit?
Or would you say people always reviled?
And when they ask will it ever end,
Then what will you say?
Will you say “it’s a world full of trend”?
Or tell them just hope for a better day.

The Market Vendor
By Iratxe

Every morning I wake up, I go to work
Carving wood by day, knotting mats by night
Some painting in the afternoon, and creating all the time
Time to go outside, time to keep on working
I see people come and go
Look and touch
They bargain, I sell, they’re happy, it´s not fair –
Occupational hazards I guess
So let’s go home and start all over again.

By Matilda

The smell of scare was in the air
You could also feel that scare
A thousand breaths were composing a song
Our skin was completely salted
Between the waves, we were saying goodbye
Not looking at what was behind
Keeping our sight on something different,
Something new, of hope.

By Rebeca Goded

And I am not
I have not become the person I am meant to be
I will meet that person soon
I do not know if I feel fear or excitement
For, I have been scared of how big the world is
And I have been excited to experience every corner of it.
For I have discovered pieces of myself
That only this corner holds.
And you can´t imagine
How much these pieces define who I am.
In this niche, I have learned more than I thought I would.
And I want to learn more than that.
I have grown in more ways than one.
How many pieces of me does this world hold?

What Are You Waiting For?
by Paula

How many of you wake up every day at the same time?
How many of you go to work or study in something as expected?
Is this what did you expect life to be?
Imagine the best situation possible:
You study hard to get into a good university, therefore you will have more opportunities to have a great job.
Once you have a job you work every day, eight hours per day.
Is good, isn’t it? You’re earning money so in the future you can fulfill those dreams you always had.
But, think twice. You will work for the next fifty, maybe sixty years. You will have some weeks of holiday.
But once you end working, haven’t you thought that maybe it is too late to fulfill the dreams
you’re dreaming now, that they got lost?
Is this the future you want?
If not, what are you waiting for?


Originally published March 20, 2016.

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