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After school jam sessions at EF Academy New York

It’s 3:35 pm and your academic day is over. You see everyone leaving; some stay in the academic building for their clubs and others, exhausted by a day full of studying, leave to get some rest to their rooms. You are wondering what to do: should I relax and have some leisure time or should I attend an after-school club? Well… why not both?

If you love music and, by chance, play an instrument or sing, this is your club.  Taking place most days of the week, the After School Jam Session’s Club encourages students to unlock their creative side and relieve stress while having fun. You can perform your favorite songs or get some feedback on your own work. Billy Roues, the teacher leading the club, is more than willing to help you improve your skills and musical knowledge, as he is also a music teacher at EF Academy New York.

This 7th November, the After School Session Kids played along with the students of Intro to Songwriting and Music at the fourth Academy Rocks held at the school. With a total of 15 performances, students and House Parents had a good time and enjoyed the very acclaimed show. The show was recorded and uploaded to social media by a group of students, who did a great job by filming everything from different angles. As one of the students that participated in the concert, I would like to share my experience through this blog to motivate those who are probably considering to join the club.

I had the opportunity to play one of my favorite songs: Sick Of Losing Soulmates (by my favorite YouTuber, Dodie Clark) and it was one my best experiences at EF so far. It wasn’t my first timesinging and playing the guitar on stage in front of a crowd, but I was nervous at the beginning anyway. All those faces paying attention to what I was doing intimidated me, but I remembered all the advice that Billy and other students gave me throughout the academic year and I tried my best to perform with all of my heart. When it was over I felt more confident with myself and my voice and guitar playing skills.

To conclude, I would like to state the fact that going to a club after class shouldn’t feel like a chore left to do. You should show up to activities that appeal to you and make you have a good time after a long day of classes. In my case, the After School Jam Session’s Club is a great fit for me because it is exactly what I would do in my room in my leisure time. I also get constructive criticism that helps me improve in my passion, which is music.

Written by: María Chávarri – Spain

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