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Reunion party, marketing and more – my internship at EF Vietnam

Hello everyone! My name is Nga and I just have finished IB year 1 at EF Academy New York this year. During my junior year, I heard about the opportunity for a summer internship program offered by EF so I applied and got to be an intern at the EF office in Vietnam. One of the more interesting aspects for me was that the office is located in Ho Chi Minh City, my hometown, so this would create a lot of advantages for me to travel to work. Moreover, I did not have to worry much about the working hours because my supervisor arranged suitable times for me to work so that it would fit perfectly with my studying schedule. Also, she helpfully guided me with a lot of the work I had to deal with.

Throughout my time being an intern at EF Vietnam, I got to learn a lot about marketing as well as getting to know more about the staff. Besides working, I got the chance to talk with some staff and share thoughts between the students and the school. I hope these discussions will help in solving some problems risen from the students, parents and the school. More importantly, I was very proud and happy that I could be a part of the team that helps prepare for the reunion arty that we held in Vietnam this month. I really enjoyed the process of preparation as well as being the student to give a speech on behalf of the juniors, sharing about life in EF Academy and wishing good luck for the future of the seniors. The event went well and everyone had a wonderful time.

Overall, this totally new experience could be taken as the first great step for me in the future and leaves me with so many good memories. I will possibly be in the pre-departure event to once again share some experience and good advice for the parents and students before they take the big step to study aboard. I strongly encourage students to take this opportunity, like me, to be an EF Intern.

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