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We’re proud of our 2019 IGCSE students – outstanding results from New York and Torbay!

The 2019 IGCSE results are here! Year after year, EF Academy students work hard to achieve their best and this year has been no exception. We’re proud to announce that our students have collectively achieved a 97% pass rate in New York and Torbay.

EF Academy Torbay is celebrating a 99% pass rate, with 72% of these marks in the A*-C range. An impressive 22% of all grades are within the A*-A range (which is the second best that the school has achieved!). EF Academy New York had an outstanding year as well! Students are celebrating a 95% pass rate, with 56% of all grades in the A*-C range.

13 students from New York won the prestigious ICE Award, an internationally recognized academic achievement award administered by Cambridge. Six of these students earned the ICE Award with Merit and one student earned the highest level of achievement, the ICE Award with Distinction.

Top IGCSE scores:

  • Germany: A*A*A*A*A B
  • China: A*A*A*A*B
  • South Korea: A*A*A*A A A
  • Russia: A*A*A A B
  • South Korea: A*A A A A B B B B
  • China: A*A A A
  • Indonesia: A*A A A A B
  • Spain: A*A A B
  • Russia: A A A A A A A A B
  • Norway: A A A A B

ICE Award winners:

  • Marta Alekseevna Kondratiuk
  • Jongsuk Rim
  • Yangkesi Lin
  • Maria Catharina Quirina Ten Holder
  • Sibo Kim
  • Huizhen Li
  • Daria Ivanovna Mikhnova
  • Poema Marie Maura Conseiller
  • Yin-hua Hong
  • Maximus Benjamin Bakker
  • Vitaliia Alekseevna Golsman
  • Aruuke Ilmiianova
  • Dokyung Kwak

While these test results only reflect a fraction of the intelligence and commitment of our student body around the world, we are immensely proud of the hard work each student in the IGCSE program demonstrated. Congratulations to all of our students on their results and hard work throughout the year! You’ve no doubt paved the way to a bright and fulfilling future.

Learn more about our IGCSE program and for information about upperclassman studies with EF Academy, read about our IB Diploma program.

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