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Intramural sports week recap

As spring has begun to take bloom over EF Academy New York, seniors and underclassmen are taking their IB and IGCSE exams. In the arena of sports, it seemed as if it was just another two-week spell for athletic competitions held at EF Academy New York but the school just completed its 3rd Spirit Week hosted by the National Honors Society. Finals are peeking their head around the corner and senior departures are quickly approaching, giving students hope that summer isn’t trailing too far behind.

There’s no better way to help reduce the stress of the student body than to have a few friendly inter-campus competitions. Following the ‘Class vs Class’ NHS Spirit Week competition games, EF Academy New York held a volleyball match on Friday that initiated the beginning of an eventful intramural sports week.

The volleyball match was set up under regulation guidelines: six vs six with only three games played. The next event took place the following Wednesday – an indoor soccer tournament for the Global Footy Club on campus. The soccer matches were played under these simple guidelines:

  1. First to two goals (or a match played in 7 minutes)
  2. If you win twice, you go back into the rotation
  3. The winner of the tournament is chosen according to the team with the most wins after 90 minutes

Like the volleyball game, the inclusions entailed a majority of varsity athletes, however, there was a coed mixture of participation with ages ranging from English preparation student to house parents. In total, there were six teams of five players from various cultural backgrounds.

The final tournament was a basketball tournament in which a team of five varsity players (who’d won the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association), decided to hold the court and demonstrate why and how they ended their season in such a successful manner. That Friday, a few students from the Global Footy Club were given the opportunity to take a trip to an indoor soccer facility to play a few five-a-side matches and experience bubble soccer.

To cap off the week, the Global Footy Club along with other intramural participants were taken to a New York City Football Club match. At the match, students witnessed David Villa score his 400th goal for the club, EF Academy’s name appeared on the Yankee Stadium scoreboard. After the match, we were given the opportunity to step onto the field to take a penalty kick.

At the end of the two weeks, the main purpose of the intramural activities was to emphasize the essential element of sports: to have fun.


Written by: Adrian Burgess, Assistant Athletic Directors

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