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IB Theatre attends theatre conference in NYC

IB Theatre students recently attended the International Schools Theatre Association Student Conference in New York City, held annually for IB Theatre students from around the globe. Students from Belgium, Switzerland, Peru and Canada were in attendance at the conference, in addition to many students from the United States. Students shared their love of theatre and collaborated on ensemble performances throughout the weekend.

IB Y1 Theatre student Sitinour Bilandra explained, “My experience in TaPS 2015 was indescribable.  I had the opportunity to participate in an intense theatre workshop for IB Theatre students from all over the world. It felt amazing to spend time learning the things you love with people that share the same interests as you. I learned so many new things that I thought I’d never learn, and this program has expanded my love for theatre. I had a wonderful time in TaPS New York 2015, and I definitely want to go again next year.”

The students learned from professional artists who are experts in IB Theatre. Each ensemble leader was different and unique in their own way. Mike Pasternak, a professional artist, has been helping IB theatre students since the 1970s. He’s an expert in the field and helps students understand the art of theatre making.

IB Y2 Theatre student Shambhavi Singh noted this was a life-changing experience for her. “I met people from all over the world. Over three days, we formed a theatre ensemble that was inseparable with no one we could do without. It made me see the good in all the members of our team.”

IB Theatre teacher Ginny Borton accompanied students to the conference and was very pleased with the outcomes which will assist her lessons in class for the coming semester. Ms. Borton commented, “I was extremely proud of our EF students. The feedback I received from the Teaching Artists that worked with them over the three days, along with Carla Weiss, the program coordinator, was highly positive. Upon their return to class, our students will be presenting workshops to their classmates.”

The ISTA produces over 50 international arts events each year for young people, teachers and artists. Students are able to collaborate with other IB Theatre students from around the world. They watch and learn from amazing live performances, work in ensembles, all while being led by some of the best international theatre practitioners from across the globe.

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