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How you grow when surrounded by success-orientated people

When it comes to personal growth, whether academically or personally, moving ahead is all about creating a positive environment. A big part of that is the community you choose to build for yourself. There’s an old saying that says you are the sum of the company you keep. So here are some of the ways that success-oriented people can offer a positive influence for high school and beyond.

1. You increase your own ambitions

Spending time around success-oriented people will do a lot for you, but one of the greatest things it does is help you to raise your personal standards. When the people you spend a lot of your time with have goals and ambitions, it’s hard not to start to think about how you approach your own.

2. You will adopt some of their positive habits

We all have little things in our lives that we can improve. Have trouble turning in your assignments on time? Spend more time with those who do. Feel like you’re never prepared for the big exams? Start studying with people who are.

Having positive influences around you will help you adopt some nicer practices for yourself and might be a big step in helping break bad habits.

3. Your academic performance will improve

Spending a lot of your time with people who are focused on their academic performance will help you to build a new and better foundation for your own. As with picking up new positive habits, you’ll begin to notice your academic focus shifting towards better methods and decisions. This could pay off in your future – not only while applying to university, but far beyond.

4. You can ask for their advice

Sometimes you’ll find yourself wishing you could excel at something but aren’t sure how to get there yourself. Go beyond simply taking inspiration from the people around you who have figured this success out themselves, ask them.

“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.” – Ancient proverb

5. You’ll gain self-confidence

Being around positive influences can help you feel better about yourself. Success-oriented people know that nothing creates more success than keeping things positive. They’ll often talk about useful concepts and ways to improve.

This environment will have a positive effect on you, especially as you begin to think more positively yourself. You’ll become far more confident when you have success-oriented people around you.


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