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Getting a kick start at kickboxing

Earlier this week a Kickboxing Coach visited the campus to give some students a taster session in this combat-sport.

Practised for self-defence and a great way to keep fit, kickboxing originated from a mixture of martial arts and boxing; sports which many of the students have practised before. Kickboxing however was a brand new experience for them all and so this introductory class focused on teaching them the basics.

After a 3o minute warm-up of stretching, lunges, star jumps, running on the spot, burpees and shaking of limbs, the students were finally sufficiently prepped to begin the actual kickboxing. Gloves on, they were taught some techniques; how to throw a punch by using their body weight and angling themselves to achieve the most effective blow. They then took it in turns to punch each others upheld gloved hands.

After this the students then had a go at the kicking element. Here in pairs, one student held a focus pad while the other kicked the target. Then followed the all important warm-down.

Although the session was exhausting the students had great fun experiencing a brand new sport, which many are keen to pursue next term.

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