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5 essentials for your high school dorm room

5 essentials for your high school dorm room

How do you make your dorm room at EF Academy feel like a cozy home away from home? Moving away from home to live on campus at boarding school is a unique experience. Your dorm room will be your home for the near future, so it’s important that it feels like a comfortable space you gladly return to at the end of your school day. After all, you will spend quite some time in it studying, hanging out with your roommates, and catching some z’s, so make it cozy!

In this post, we’ll share 5 things that will take your dorm to the next level.


Adding different kinds of textiles to your dorm room makes a huge difference. You can play around with both colors and textures to make the space feel more personal and homey. Choose bedding in a color that you like and add a cozy blanket on top that you can curl up under while reading or studying, or when you’re feeling a bit cold on a rainy day! And don’t forget some decorative pillows, they not only add comfort, but also look very nice.


Decorating with some pictures in your dorm room is key! There are plenty of creative ways to do this. For example, you can put up a string and hang photos of friends and family on it. You can also create a photo wall together with your roommates, where you put up photos of fun memories you’ve shared. Being surrounded by familiar faces and memorable moments undoubtedly creates a cozy atmosphere, and it can be a comfort on days when you might feel a bit homesick.

Pictures for dorm room at international boarding school

Decorate the walls

Make use of the walls in your dorm by decorating them! Maybe you’d like to hand up posters that feature your favorite band? Or hang up some fairy lights next to your picture wall? Or maybe you’re interested in art, and you feel inspired by hanging some artworks that are special to you.

Bring little pieces of home

You might not have a lot of space for decorations but bringing little reminders of home is a great way to make your dorm room feel cozier. We all have different things that make us think of home, it could be anything from a special teacup to a book you used to read at home or a small figurine that works as your lucky charm. Surrounding yourself with things that you associate with home will help making you feel settled into your new room at boarding school.

Get organized

Organizers might not sound very exciting, but they can make dorm life more convenient. For example, having a box for your toiletries can make it easier to distinguish which things belong to you and which belong to your roommate. Speaking of toiletries, if your dorm has a shared bathroom, getting a shower cabby will make it much easier for you to get everything you need to and from the bathroom in the morning when you might be in a rush to get ready. Also, make sure to utilize your drawer space! There are great drawer organizers that will help you divide up smaller items like pens, jewelry, electrical cables and other bits and bobs.