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EF Academy Torbay induction week 2015

The first week of the new 2015-2016 school year, was always going to be busy with hundreds of new students coming through the doors here at EF Academy Torbay. The one thing you can be sure of is that the staff will do everything they can to help you feel at home straight away (in the photos bellow you can see our new students bonding with their class mates thorough the means of the marshmallow challenge the idea is to build the biggest free standing tower with just the marshmallows and spaghetti.) the students also received Police talks and got a chance to go bowling on their first day.

In the following days the students did tests and got to know their tutors. Friday was particularly exciting with the school holding a freshers fair to allow students to see and taste a huge verity of clubs and get to meet the owners of some of the local venues they can use free of charge with their student card. This is a new kind of event for the school but we really wanted to create a ‘uni’ style introduction to the schools clubs, venues and local places of interest. It was also a chance for students to get connected with mobile phones because we had local phone shops coming in. We also had someone from the local bus company help students get set up with transport passes. Students also received their EF Academy goodies like hoodies and T shirts, but only if the signed up for clubs and weekend activities.

In the evening we were lucky enough to have a ‘traditional’ fish and chip van come into school which provided all the students and staff with a free dinner it was the perfect Devon way to end a very enjoyable but busy first week at EF Academy Torbay .

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