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EF Academy summer school: Bronx Zoo trip

Lions, tigers and bears, among other extraordinary animals, were on the agenda. On Friday the 17th, we went on a fun, engaging trip to the Bronx Zoo. This field trip was for animal and science lovers alike; it also provided students with the opportunity to make text to real world connections, by seeing the animals they learned about in class.

We arrived at the zoo at 10:30 a.m. and managed to see everything the students have learned about in class in that week’s Environment theme. During our exploration, the students carefully observed each animal; they asked questions and learned how to pronounce the name of each species and breed they saw. They also learned the difference between breeds within a species, such as the different between grizzly and brown bears. As they observed each exhibit, they spoke about their favorite animals, which were usually the most popular animals from their country.

They had a great time watching the tigers playing with each other; one of the most memorable experiences was when one of the tigers woke up and suddenly started walking close to the glass. Students not only watched our fury friends, but they also observed the aviary exhibit. Amongst the vibrancy of the various species of birds, the students spoke about the beautiful colors of the flamingos. They also enjoyed watching grey-adorned animals living in their watery habitat, such as the elephants and the magnanimous rhinos.

Before we left, the students were delighted to see the playful monkeys and huge slower moving tortoises. It was great to see our students establish so many connections to what they have learned in class.

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