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EF Academy Oxford visits Hult University

Mar Conesa Oton describes our recent visit to Hult Business School in London.

‘Last Wednesday, 18th November, all of the students at EF Academy Oxford who are interested in Business and Management were invited to go on a trip to the prestigious Hult University in London. There the students had the opportunity to learn more about this college and its way of teaching Business and Management.

First, they told us about the Hult University life style, such as the clubs you can join, the societies and some events they have. Also they told us about the courses they have, all the opportunities that they provide to their students and some other information about the courses and the way in which they teach. Then we had a short break in which they provided us with some smoothies and snacks for free while we had the chance to take a look around the Campus, which was very modern and beautiful. After, we were privileged with the opportunity to have a really interesting Business class with one of the University teachers. It was a really good opportunity to learn. The lesson was very inspiring and interactive, we really liked it.

Lunch time was coming so, after the class, they guided us to the Italian restaurant they have in the Campus and there, they gave us some pizzas and drinks. During the lunch we had the really good chance of meeting some of the students of the University, we talked with them and we asked them some questions we had. After the break, we went to see the residence that they have in the Campus, we could see multiple libraries, a gym, some classes and quiet study area. They also showed us all the options of rooms which were quite good.

To finish the visit we had a break, in which we could investigate a little bit more about the University, by walking through its hallways. It was a really good experience, I learned many things and also it helped me to think about my future. Now, I feel a step more close to my future and dreams.’

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