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EF Academy New York visits Princeton Model United Nations 2017

From November 16th to November 19th, 16 members of the EF Academy New York Model United Nations (MUN) Club participated in the Princeton Model United Nations Conference, in Princeton, New Jersey. Fully prepared after a week’s online research and planning, we were welcomed into various well-organized and energetic conferences. Being assigned into different committees focusing on diverse topics, the conference provided the opportunity for us to act like real politicians representing different countries, to discuss and argue about various international issues, as we dressed up in formal suits.

Working with my co-delegate, we represented the United Arab Emirates in DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee), which focused on cybersecurity and illicit trade of small weapons in Latin America. Both my partner and I were very confident and eager to deliver powerful speeches in front of other delegates to state our perspectives as the UAE. While taking notes about the stance of other countries, we were occupied with sending notes to our potential allies in order to form a bond and cooperate together. It was a great pleasure to cooperate with excellent students from other high schools and I was impressed by their enthusiasm and intelligence while sharing opinions during the Unmoderated Caucus.

Everyone was devoted to finishing the working paper and we also contributed several clauses as a sponsor. Even after the sessions, we were still having meetings with other delegates to discuss resolutions. The chair of my committee was very friendly and supportive as he not only maintained the order of the discussion but also encouraged every delegate to speak about their positions and even sometimes offered some comments to speeches. Although the busy schedule was tiring, I enjoyed expressing my ideas and working with other delegates.

The most rewarding moment was cheering for the pass of the draft resolution paper of our blog during the final voting procedure. Moreover, the entertaining activities brought more fun to the serious and intense conference. During the conference, we could send candy and notes to our friends in other committees which allowed delegates to relax and have fun in the middle of intense discussions. The delegate dance, in the end, was also very amusing and was a great chance to make new friends.

In addition to the exciting and challenging conferences, we also attended a campus tour in the world famous Princeton University. While following the introductions provided by our guide who is currently a student at Princeton, we walked through the gorgeous campus, fascinated by the stories behind the buildings and vibrant academic life at Princeton. The most memorable part for me is the amazing size of the Firestone Library and charming research atmosphere Princeton offered to its students.

In my opinion, attending PMUNC was both interesting and educational. While delivering speeches about current international issues and making alliances with other delegates, I became more aware of international relationships and more confident in expressing my thoughts to others. The conference was a great opportunity to practice cooperating with strangers which aroused students’ interest in politics. All in all, MUN is a very meaningful activity which benefits all students and brings great pleasure to them.

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