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Meet Chloe Lammas, House Parent and Boarding Coordinator!

Meet Chloe Lammas, House Parent and Boarding Coordinator!

This interview was written and conducted by EF Academy Ambassador Snaefridur

Chloe Lammas is a house parent and boarding coordinator for EF Academy Oxford. My decision to choose Chloe as my inspiration on campus and someone I look up to is how she undoubtedly helps every student when they need support. Countless students look up to Chloe as a family member on campus. My friends and I have often come to Chloe searching for advice, support, and someone to talk to. Chloe achieves a connection with all the students in the school, becoming guidance and an immense support system for academic success. Chloe manages to organize school events, and boarding schedules whilst still making time for us emotional teenagers. Going to interview Chloe was unquestionable when looking for someone that the school is proud to employ and the students consider their biggest help at EF Academy.

What makes EF Academy stand out from other schools in your perspective?

Our genuinely international community makes us stand out, whilst managing all living together, the students genuinely care about becoming like family. Our diverse student body drives learners of this school to push themselves to understand each other and their cultures. We have a student body interested in listening to each other and teaching people around them on their different lifestyles and opinions.

As a house parent, what do you think are qualities acquired by staff in EF Academy?

One of the most important qualities the staff shares here at EF Academy is our global outlook on the world. We have house parents that are flexible and have the house parents learn the importance of building friendships with the students while enforcing guidance and rules.

How do you think you have affected student success in the school?

We try and help students understand the importance of switching off when you need a break, so it’s not a hindrance to your studies. We provide a listening ear, and I set up timetables and academic support sessions that have a certain structure tailored toward the students.

How do you incorporate parents/guardians into everyday aspects of the school and students?

The truth is we don’t involve parents and guardians in every aspect because we believe in being the support structure for them on campus and guiding them to gain independence while they are away from home. This also correctly prepares students before university.

What was your most happy experience with the students of EF Academy?

I love getting off campus and doing something exciting with the students. Apart from that, I was the head of the basketball team, and that made me happy connecting with the students and getting students to build connections together, like integrating the year ones and the year twos together. We also got engaged students who were passionate about sports and introduced them to each other.

What ideas do you want to impart to the students?

Always being open to trying new things is one of the big ones and teaching yourself to balance work ethic and ability to balance that with a social life, and we help students learn this skill.

What makes it so easy for the students to come to you?

I mean, I am pretty laid back, if I’m honest. I can relate to students because I lived with a host family for a while and learned to pick up skills I needed to connect with students who were away from home. I just try to create an open and honest friendship between EF Academy students and me.

What is your favorite part of being a house parent?

They can have the ability to understand the students and the new generation. As well as making sure students feel they can come to me, be comfortable and have fun while enforcing boundaries with them, and seeing you guys grow as people.

What would you say makes you most proud of the students at EF Academy?

I am so proud of all of you. When you guys are kind to each other, especially when students are cooking and baking in the kitchen, no one gets left out; there is a real sense of inclusivity. We are incredibly proud when you guys graduate, and we see you guys grow and take responsibility for your actions and lives.