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EF Academy Cheer Team competes for the first time

For the first time in EF Academy New York’s history, the Cheer Team took part in a cheer competition as they continue their winter season. The team traveled to Cardinal Spellman High School in Bronx, NY to take part in the “Showcase” portion of the event. IB Y2 student Lam Chan is Captain of the team in her second year as a member of the squad. She joined the team in IB Y1 because she loved dancing in her native Hong Kong and felt cheer would be a solid equivalent for her here at EF Academy. Since joining the team, Lam has become an integral part as Captain.

Coach Rosalie Frison encouraged her team to just “do their best” given this was their first competition. Competing for the first time against 12-15 other teams, Ms. Chan and the other members of the team didn’t know quite what to expect upon arrival at Spellman High School. “We were worried because the other teams were so good. We were a bit down at the beginning because the other teams had so much experience. But we didn’t care, we decided we wanted to go out and have fun.”

The competition lasted for about five hours with each team competing while the others cheered on their competitors. Upon arrival, the team was instantly met with a lot of energy from the competitors and a DJ who kept the excitement in the building high. The team from EF Academy competed as a part of the showcase and performed several stunts they have been learning for weeks as a part of their routine. The schedule to prepare is demanding, as the team practices the routine every day.

Ms. Chan commented, “My favorite part is when we put up a stunt and work together to ensure the flyer is not going to fall down. It is exhilarating and exciting once we have successfully completed the stunt.” As the competition wrapped up and the awards ceremony began, to their great surprise and excitement, the team from EF Academy won the trophy for “Best Showcase” at the event. In addition, the team also took home the “Spirit Award”. Organizers of the competition were impressed by the participation and excitement of the team of international students from EF Academy New York.

For the EF Academy team, this is just the beginning as the team heads to a second competition next weekend. The team has taken to heart the advice they received from the judges and will prepare to be a part of the competition for this next trip. They have increased the difficulty of their routine and changed some of the stunts and are ready to be a part of the competition next weekend.

While the team certainly has a lot of fun, they also put in a lot of work to put together their routines with daily practices and an interview to be chosen for the team. The cheer team has also increased its presence at home basketball games for the boys’ and girls’ teams. Last semester, the team cheered at a local walk for Breast Cancer. According to Lam, the team has developed a close bond and is excited about what the future holds: “We are more dedicated than ever to cheerleading and are proud to be a part of the team.” The future is bright for the cheer team at EF Academy, along with these young women who take part. Good luck to the team as they continue their journey in competition together next weekend.

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