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EF Academy business teacher makes the world his classroom – part 2

EF Academy business teacher makes the world his classroom – part 2

In January, we wrote the first post in a three-part series about Business Teacher on the Road John Dohrmann and his adventure around the world. While Part 1 focused on his presentation on finance, this post will highlight the key messages of his lesson on branding and give you an update on where he has been and where he is heading next.

Since the beginning of the year, students in classrooms in Norway, India and China have had the chance to learn from Mr. Dohrmann, a business expert and IB teacher with years of experience building successful start-ups. As a seasoned entrepreneur himself, Mr. Dohrmann has extensive knowledge with the concept of “branding” and how it affects us as consumers.

In his eye-opening presentation, Mr. Dohrmann speaks about the power that brands and their logos have over the buying pattern and behaviors of their customers.

“There’s so much more to a logo than the text and color – they are usually conveying a subtle message about the company and the products or services they provide. Not often do people see an ad and respond by immediately buying the product, but with the best brands, we respond to their message by remembering them when we go to make a purchase,” Mr. Dohrmann said.

He uses a variety of examples using well-known companies, ensuring that his audiences of high school students around the world feel a personal connection to the topic being discussed and understand the important lessons.

“Brand loyalty is something most of us have exercised at some point. Think about your favorite clothing stores, the electronic devices in your backpack, the shoes in your closet or the food in your fridge at home. Repeatedly choosing one brand over another is brand loyalty – think about it the next time you go shopping,” he said.

The 50-minute lesson, which is conducted in English, give students the chance to experience what a real IB class is like and Mr. Dohrmann’s enthusiasm and interactive teaching style engage his young audience in the advanced subject material. Students can apply what they learn in his class to their own personal, real-life situations, helping them fully grasp the business concepts Mr. Dorhmann teaches.


This post is the second installment of a three-part series that focuses on John Dohrmann’s presentation topics. Keep your eyes peeled for Part 3 in the coming weeks, and don’t forget to read Part 1 if you haven’t already!