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The do’s and don’ts of mock exams

A lovely piece by our student Angelina on how to best prepare for those upcoming mock exams! “Knock,Knock.” Mock exams are knocking at your front door! The smell of the half term break is still fresh in the air. However, after two solid years of hard study, finally the BIG DAY is coming. If you don’t want to be BBQ-ed by your parents, it’s better to get your target grade. As an A* student, there’re some do’s and don’ts I would love to share.

Do your homework and do it carefully!

Teachers would dish out past papers around this time of the year and those exercises are the most helpful questions for you to get familiar with the exam style.

Do ask questions!

Some students don’t always feel comfortable speaking in lessons which is something I would encourage you to at least try to do, why? Because the teacher will never know if you understand the topic or not. If not, without your questions even the best teacher in the world won’t know which bit to teach you.

Do use your time wisely!

I know this is a boring and regular thing to say. But you can tell how important it is to manage your time. You really need to balance rest and study. If possible, add some fun time as well.

Do look back at your notes!

This is the general tip everyone would give you as well. However, how many of you do actually go back and read through all your notes and not only textbooks?

Do keep yourself hydrated!

You may think this is a strange tip to give but water is important for you during your revision time. Your brain needs water to function properly and drinking enough water keeps you awake.

Don’t stress out!

It is common for students to feel stress before big days like this which can sometimes be good for you as the adrenaline levels are increasing. However, don’t feel too stressed and always talk to someone if you’re finding it hard to manage, most of the time if there’s a problem, there’s many people at school to solve it.

Don’t panic and do keep calm!

When you are under pressure, it’s hard to keep calm. I would suggest not to panic as you need a clear and organised brain for studying.

Don’t highlight everything!

Some people love highlighting the important information from the notes. But don’t do it too many times! Or those shiny vivid colours will only confuse you.

Don’t sleep too late!

I know people who revise till 2AM in the morning but still fail the exam. Everything has a limit. You need to hard work in your daily life not pushing yourself hard one week before the exam.

Don’t doubt yourself!

You may think this last tip is useless. But from experience, you will have better marks if you are feeling confident. In the end, I hope you have a good grade and a nice spring break after it!  

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